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Pick of the Day: 1934 Buick 66 Series rumble-seat coupe

The Pick of the Day is an American classic that comes with an interesting history. The car is a 1934 Buick 66 Series rumble-seat coupe that was purchased in the late 1960s and was restored to show-winning quality. It even was featured on the cover of the AACA’s national magazine one month.

However, notes the Essex, Connecticut, dealer advertising the car on, “in the early ‘80s the owner suffered some major health issues and was no longer able to drive this or any of his other collector cars.”

So the owner started selling, but in that era there weren’t as many auctions or other avenues for such sales and it wasn’t until 2004 that the car was sold to its current owner, who happened to live in the same Connecticut community.

“Unfortunately, the car had been sitting since the mid-’80s,” the dealer reports. “The current owner got the car up and running and has driven her regularly, probably 500-800 miles a year locally.”

The dealer adds that the current owner is a collector who enjoying driving his vehicles.

“He maintains them but hasn’t restored any of them. This car fits that mold exactly, it’s been brought back, cleaned up, enjoyed and minor work done here and there to keep her on the road.”

The Buick has fender-mount spares on both sides, seats upholstered in “heavy duty leather,” heater, fog lamps, and a rear-mounted trunk for luggage. The engine is the original and rebuilt 278cid straight-8 rated at 100 horsepower and linked to a manual transmission.

The Standard Catalog of American Cars notes that for 1934, Series 60 Buicks got new, inch-longer chassis and a new and more powerful engine. It also notes that only 253 of the rumble-seat coupes were produced that year.

“She starts right up and idles smoothly, she does smoke a little on startup but that fades as she warms up,” the dealer says. “The clutch is a little tight and grabs quickly, but once you’re driving her, you get used to it pretty quickly and she really is a comfortable, fun car to cruise in.

“Most of this car is in solid, good condition. Under the hood is respectable, a little oily but could be cleaned up and detailed to look better than she does. The undercarriage is also very solid and clean but not concours painted clean, the glass is all in very good condition, not delaminating or cracked.

“The biggest shortcoming is the paint. Repainted in lacquer in a deep red back in the late ‘60s-early ’70s, it has now cracked and chipped with age as lacquers are known to do. From 10 feet she looks pretty good; get closer and all those imperfections show up.

“I feel that with some deep cleaning and detailing, metal polishing, etc., this car could be brought up quite a bit. Would you take home trophies as the previous owner did? Probably not but people will still gather round and enjoy seeing this wonderful old car.

“She is turnkey and can be jumped in and driven and enjoyed without needing anything major. Clean her up, detail her and repaint her, and you’d be back on the concours greens again.”

This classic is being offered for $31,000. 

To view the listing on, see Pick of the Day.


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